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  1. Vikki_WA

    Libraries corrupt

    My libraries are continually being corrupted. It's not that they're unusable, but odd items will show up in a core, bonus, or manufacturer library (those that can't be edited by the user). The attached screenshot shows an example of how random appliances from my user library have suddenly copied themselves into one of the core libraries. This sort of thing has been happening for quite some time and with previous versions as well. Running the library update doesn't fix the problem. How do I fix this and can I prevent it from continuing to happen?
  2. No matter what wall or railing type I choose I don't have a "wall cap" panel. According to the "Creating a Stair Rake Wall" article, this should be an option when editing a railing. Any ideas?
  3. Thank you! After watching your video I realized that I had inadvertently dragged my edit toolbar behind the child toolbar so it was just hidden, not missing. All is better now.
  4. Thank you for getting back to me This picture shows the vertical toolbar at the far left that used to always open automatically whenever I selected an object. The behavior now is that the vertical toolbar stays on whatever the last child toolbar was so now I have to go to the VIEW menu and click Tool Palette to get this to open. Also, once I do have everything looking and working the way I want it once again, can I save the profile somewhere so I can easily restore it when I manage to mess it up again? Thanks
  5. A couple of days ago I somehow accidentally changed my toolbars and now when I select an object the Tool Palette doesn't open automatically. I can go up to the view menu and click on the Tool Palette there to get it to open, but it used to be automatic whenever an object was selected.
  6. Vikki_WA

    Edit library item

    Is there a way to extract an item from the core library so that it can be edited by Sketchup?
  7. Is there any way to flip a light fixture vertically? I want to turn a bathroom sconce upside down so shades point down instead of up. I have tried the transform/replicate-flip vertically, but that doesn't work. (Fixture is part of a bonus library so I don't think there's a way to extract it for editing with sketchup).
  8. How do I stop a cabinet from adding a filler strip when it's close to a wall?
  9. Is there a way to flip a light fixture over (top to bottom)? Using the transform/replicate reflect vertical does nothing.
  10. In a 3D view I can select a wall and get edit handles on all sides so that I can change the top and bottom heights of the wall, but this doesn't seem to be available with railings (no top or bottom handles). The default top and bottom height are greyed out in the dialog box as well. I want to lower the bottom of a fence to drag it below the terrain ("bury" the bottom). Any idea how to do this?
  11. I have also used:
  12. Vikki_WA


    Can child tool palettes be customized? I'd like to add more options to what's available when I choose a given parent tool.
  13. Can someone please tell me the proper name for the nifty decorative brackets that appear under the roof peaks on the attached pic?
  14. Vikki_WA

    Insane terrain

    Well K, I don't know what you did exactly, but I followed your instructions and it all seems to be working. Thank you very much!
  15. Vikki_WA

    Insane terrain

    Well folks, here's the pared down version. Even something as simple as just resizing the garden bed in the front yard makes the problem appear. Folks.plan