Roof help please!

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Hi there, I’m using home designer pro 2021.


Could  someone please help me build this roof?

When I use build roof tool, the roof comes out almost spot on, except for the outdoor entertainment area, and the two narrow patios.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


Many thanks in advance.







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Please post a copy of your plan for others to look at and study in order to help you. That roof system should be easy to create using railing walls to surround the entertainment area, You set the railing walls to display "Post and Beam" to hold up the roof and turn off the balusters  and rails.



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12 minutes ago, Chiefuserandrea said:

I have attached my plan.


We need the plan file, not a picture of the plan :) 


Close Pro first before attaching.


Try this first. Make sure this is checked for the rooms with no roof, and if they are not rooms, they need to be, so do like David said.




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David, you are amazing!!! Thank you so much for helping me fix all those weird mistakes!

The roof is almost perfect.


Attached is the builders plan.  As you can see, the veranda and deck have a flat piece as part of the roof... the roof extends to this point and then flattens out around the veranda.  

Thank you so much for putting the time into that video!!


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