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Good morning -


In attempting to insert a 3DWarehouse object into HDPro 2020, I crashed the program several times in a row and triggered the FTH warning.  I was, incidentally, also getting regular crashes when I would try to save a file.  And by regular, I mean, daily,  I have not found a solution to that problem that doesn't go over my technical head, but for the FTH problem, I have made my way in the Registry Editor to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\FTH\State, where I see the program listed.  I understand I am supposed to reset the value to 0, but when right-clicking on the Data column, I get this:




Can anyone tell me what, exactly, I am supposed to do from here?  Which value am I supposed to be resetting? (BTW,  I just spoke w/ tech support and they won't touch this because it's a Microsoft problem.)  Should I just delete it?

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