Trying to resolve FTH issue

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Good morning -


In attempting to insert a 3DWarehouse object into HDPro 2020, I crashed the program several times in a row and triggered the FTH warning.  I was, incidentally, also getting regular crashes when I would try to save a file.  And by regular, I mean, daily,  I have not found a solution to that problem that doesn't go over my technical head, but for the FTH problem, I have made my way in the Registry Editor to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\FTH\State, where I see the program listed.  I understand I am supposed to reset the value to 0, but when right-clicking on the Data column, I get this:




Can anyone tell me what, exactly, I am supposed to do from here?  Which value am I supposed to be resetting? (BTW,  I just spoke w/ tech support and they won't touch this because it's a Microsoft problem.)  Should I just delete it?

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When downloading symbols from 3D Warehouse try to make sure that the .skp file is older than your Home Designer Software, if the .skp file is newer than your HD software it will not import into  HD.



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