How to specify garage with two-level floor on common slab?


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I want to model an attached garage with two levels, sitting on a monolithic slab foundation. The garage upper level connects to the living space at 0" height and provides a curb for two sides of the lower level. The lower level is to be  -6" where it meets the upper level and then slope 1" in 10' to the driveway (about 2" total.) The slab at the garage doors should be flush with the surface of the driveway. The stem wall for the living space should wrap around the entire garage at the same height.  


I tried subdividing the garage space by making a room for the upper level, using either a wall divider, an interior wall checked as "invisible", or railing with invisible elements. All of these result in a protruding lip at the edges (see attached, showing how this looks with room divider wall.) For example. although the plan view shows the divider as a single line, it is rendered in 3d with fat lip of about 12" (see attached.)  Also, in 3D, the plan line seems to define the center line of the fat lip, so that its edge is not flush where it meets (not intersects) another wall.


I cannot work out how to set the various room heights. For example, I thought it would be as simple as setting the lower level floor eight as -6", but this had some bizarre side effects, with the stem wall height being changed. I have a had a look at the Sunken Floor how-to, and that doesn't help.


So, how can I define a garage that represents what seem to be fairly simple relationships?



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