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  1. One more thing ... In the file you updated, all of the plants show on the floor plan view, but are not rendered in the 3D view. There is no hide/show function for all plants in 3D I can find. How can I re-enable display of the plants in 3D?
  2. @Jo_AnnThanks for the suggestions. I did not edit any of the interior structures, including the basement walls when this problem occurred - they disappeared as a result of some other change I made trying to correct the exterior room problems. @DavidJPotter Thank your for the revisions. I suppose it might be possible to untangle the thicket of invisible dependencies and non-intuitive behavior of your system with further study, but I don't plan to make a career of its use. I have RTM quite a bit. I rarely find any useful guidance in it about how to repre
  3. Select the room as shown in the attached screenshot, which was changed to "unspecified" (not by me.) Open the object to edit it, change any attribute of the room. Click Ok. Reopen the room, and NONE of those changes are saved.
  4. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/sn4pmv0vydc7g4k/AADFhRQahqbWPoLUPW34bl_Za?dl=0
  5. I'm using room type "Court" to represent a patio. A day ago, this was completed and correct. Then it started acting strangely as I worked on an adjacent room: although I didn't touch the Patio room, its north wall changed itself from wall type brick to something else as well as its dimensions, and other assorted weirdness. I corrected that, but then, after making changes to another room, the Patio room changed itself to room type "unspecified" and dropped all the settings I had laboriously input. I entered the settings again to correct that and hit "Ok", but nothing is saved and t
  6. I'm not sure what I did in the dimension menu, but I now have an auto-dimension infestation, both interior and exterior. How can I all of the automatically applied dimension lines?
  7. I want to model an attached garage with two levels, sitting on a monolithic slab foundation. The garage upper level connects to the living space at 0" height and provides a curb for two sides of the lower level. The lower level is to be -6" where it meets the upper level and then slope 1" in 10' to the driveway (about 2" total.) The slab at the garage doors should be flush with the surface of the driveway. The stem wall for the living space should wrap around the entire garage at the same height. I tried subdividing the garage space by making a room for the upper level, using ei
  8. I'm trying to develop an HDP plan that corresponds to the attached sketch. I have a good as-built, including terrain to the property line. This has a lot details: wall types, dimensions, defaults, etc.. that I don't want to re-enter. I've tried to adapt a copy of the as-built as a new plan but it is mostly a mess. The terrain keeps shifting, even though I don't change it. I tried terrain holes for retaining walls, driveway, etc. but this doesn't line up as needed. I suspect there is a necessary sequence/configuration to achieve this, but I don't see it. It seems I have
  9. All actions on my Terrain sub-menus are grayed-out for no apparent reason: Modifier, Feature, Garden Bed, Water features, stepping stone, Terrain wall and curb (straight curved retaining wall are still active) , Road and Sidewalk Plant and Sprinkler are active. Please advise how to enable.
  10. I don't see anyway to change the color (materiel) of lapped horizontal board siding. How can do that?
  11. This how the as-built is: five flat panels floor to top. I cannot see anyway to achieve this.