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For some reason one of my exterior walls is confused on which side is inside and which is outside.  When trying to insert a door or window the interior casing is facing outside.  The wall also doesn't seem to be lining up correctly inside.  Any ideas why?


I'm not sure if this has something to do with my foundation walls which also seem to be a little off.  Unfortunately the auto build feature doesn't work for my design. 


Also, I've only been using this software for a couple months and I just completed my first two projects which I hope to submit for permits soon. It would be really nice if I could submit the two plans to an expert for review and clean up.  Is there a website or another place that helps facilitate this?  I'm happy to pay the reviewer.  


Suggestions are much appreciated.  










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I'm going to suggest you start over. There are multiple issues that don't seem straight forward to fix -- I tried.


I assume you have Pro to do the manual roofs.


Here is how I built a clean model.


I would use the default wall to do this, then change your walls to reflect the siding and brick of your choice.


Draw the 30x40 rectangle. Set the 2 end walls to gable, and build a roof. Change the fascia height on both roof planes to match your plan. Pull the left roof plane down and snap it to the face of the siding on the front wall. Pull the right roof plane across to form the shed roof.


Now draw the smaller space and covered area. Drag the top wall left and continue counter clockwise to form the smaller garage, then enclose the open space. Change settings as needed and place a manual roof plane, snapping it to the face of the siding and forming the left shed roof. Drag top and bottom edges so they align with the existing roof. Change heights as needed.


Break the common wall where the wall intersects left of the front entry door. Change it to a 6" interior wall. Add the interior wall to define the small room in the back.


Take a 3D overview to see that everything looks OK. Check inside using a Full Camera in all the rooms. You should not see any odd breaks in walls etc. Everything must look clean before continuing.


Now change the exterior walls to reflect your siding, and start adding windows and doors, fixtures, electrical etc.


Post back with questions.

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Thanks Eric.  I hope I can figure out how to replicate what you did but I'm already stuck.  The concept of Snapping the Roof isn't clicking for me.  Are you completing this step in the 3D or Plan view? When you say 'left' you mean the left side of the building when you are facing it, correct?  


Also, please give a little more instruction on 'Drag the top wall left and continue counter clockwise to form the smaller garage'.  I'm not understanding how to drag a wall counter clockwise.  


Thanks you for assistance and most importantly your patience with this newbie.  



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All work in Plan View.


All references to direction are looking at the screen.


As you drag the roof plane edge, notice the cursor will change as it passes over a wall. It will show an hourglass looking shape when you are at an edge. After the roof is built, select the left side and drag the top edge down to the outside of the front wall. You will know where to stop when you see that hourglass cursor. Drag it past the wall then back to it if you need to.


This just lets the program build this small roof section for you.


Then select the left edge of the right roof plane, and drag (extend) it to the left creating the shed roof. As you are dragging left, move your cursor down to the left edge of that small roof plane you just created. When you see a triangle, or the hourglass, you know the roof edges are aligned.



You may drag walls in any direction by grabbing the diamond shaped move handle when a wall is selected. Maybe extend the wall is a better way of saying it. If you don't have that diamond handle, turn it on in Preferences.



Doing the walls this way just ensures the back wall is continuous.


This would be far easier via video :)


Post back with questions.



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Placed a garage door in the wall. Notice how the dashed outline representing the door in its up position is outside the building?



Here is the outside wall after adding the garage door. That window in in the attic, so what is it doing there? There is no attic as all rooms have no ceiling.



Windows also go in backwards on some walls, like the window on the far right that you corrected in your video (which is also in the attic).


This is what the OP was asking about, and why I suggested redrawing. 

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Delete that roof plane.


Add the walls -- railing, room divider etc that enclose the open area left of the small garage.


You may adjust the ceiling height of this space which will control the roof.


Now add a manual roof plane starting at the railing wall on the left. Drag it up so it connects with the wall on the large garage. Size as needed.


If you double click on a roof plane you get its Roof Plane Specification dialog where you may change settings.

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