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  1. jbengert18

    Wall issue - inside out

    This was a huge help and a great learning experience. Thanks so much for the detailed explanations. Jason
  2. jbengert18

    Wall issue - inside out

    I'm getting closer but have a few issues. I not exactly sure how to set the fascia height and my roof is pitching the wrong way. Pic attached.
  3. jbengert18

    Wall issue - inside out

    Thanks Eric. I hope I can figure out how to replicate what you did but I'm already stuck. The concept of Snapping the Roof isn't clicking for me. Are you completing this step in the 3D or Plan view? When you say 'left' you mean the left side of the building when you are facing it, correct? Also, please give a little more instruction on 'Drag the top wall left and continue counter clockwise to form the smaller garage'. I'm not understanding how to drag a wall counter clockwise. Thanks you for assistance and most importantly your patience with this newbie. Jason
  4. jbengert18

    Wall issue - inside out

    For some reason one of my exterior walls is confused on which side is inside and which is outside. When trying to insert a door or window the interior casing is facing outside. The wall also doesn't seem to be lining up correctly inside. Any ideas why? I'm not sure if this has something to do with my foundation walls which also seem to be a little off. Unfortunately the auto build feature doesn't work for my design. Also, I've only been using this software for a couple months and I just completed my first two projects which I hope to submit for permits soon. It would be really nice if I could submit the two plans to an expert for review and clean up. Is there a website or another place that helps facilitate this? I'm happy to pay the reviewer. Suggestions are much appreciated. Best, Jason Garage.plan
  5. jbengert18

    Framing Display not showing footings or crawl space framing

    You have both been a huge help and I'm grateful for your time. With your guidance I was able to fix both views and clean up my framing. Thanks again!
  6. My Framing view is not showing the footings or crawl space framing. It used to work fine but has since stopped working. The Perspective view works correctly and shows the crawl space shear and footings. I've included pictures of both views and the plan file. Any idea why the Framing view isn't displaying crawl space and footing features? Perspective_View_Footings.zip