Old shed with Tar Paper

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I'm trying to recreate an old house from the 1920's..   It was basically a shed which was built on a slab using a wooden frame with a sloping roof.  On the outside they put tar paper and then over the tar paper vertical pieces of studs with a gap between them.   You can see an example of that in the attached photo.  I'm wondering if I can recreate the outside look with the tar paper and studs.  I'm using Home Designer Architectural 2018 version..




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How easy will be determined by what Home Designer software you have and how competent you are using/learning it. There are some board and batt siding materials in your Library Browser. How to pre-program wall settings and Roof settings to auto-generate a shed roof can be found in your "Build Roof Dialog - Roof styles Tab". If you have Home Designer Pro you can also closer emulate the framing member sizes they used back then (Edit - Default Settings - Framing Defaults and Roof Framing Defaults). The plate height of the shed roof will be controlled by your Room Specification Dialog - Structure Tab - Finished Ceiling Height" setting



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