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    Old shed with Tar Paper

    I'm trying to recreate an old house from the 1920's.. It was basically a shed which was built on a slab using a wooden frame with a sloping roof. On the outside they put tar paper and then over the tar paper vertical pieces of studs with a gap between them. You can see an example of that in the attached photo. I'm wondering if I can recreate the outside look with the tar paper and studs. I'm using Home Designer Architectural 2018 version.. Rgds, Simmi
  2. Viking

    Window Lites

    Hi David, That was awesome! I've now learned how I could make the windows look similar to what was there. I was also struggling with the roof and the pitch of the entrance and the side extension, which have the shed roof. I now see how I can change the pitch on those without affecting the roof over the house itself!!. Unfortunately, the house burned down in 1984 and therefore doesn't exist anymore. I have an architectural drawing from 1960 when the then owner added a shed to the shed that is on the left side of the house. So I'm drawing the house without that extension as my grandparents owned it from 1932 to 1955. The drawing is attached with some of the measures, plus the only color photo which is a water color painting that exists. The house had a roof space which I gather was around 1.5m in height with a steep staircase as the entrance. Thus I understand I can build a second floor, but lower the ceiling height. I've got the external and internal wall definitions configured about right. The external wall starts with corrugated iron (Yellowish/Orange colored), then you have pine strips of about 25mm (1 inch) thick, then you have tar paper and the frame studs, which are ca 5 inches thick. On the inside they had vertical panelling about 13mm or half an inch. I've configured this as the default external wall, plus the internal walls which were a bit lighter. Thanks again, you have helped me immensely!! As I progress, I might ask further questions if you don't mind.. Rgds, Simmi
  3. Viking

    Window Lites

    Hi, I'm using Home Designer Architectural 2018 on Windows 10 to recreate my grandparents house, which was built in 1929. I'm setting up a template with the necessary defaults, like the outside walls, inside walls and windows. I can choose from a variety of windows, but it seems the type I want isn't there, or they can't be changed to mirror what I need. The house looked like attached. The provided windows in the program always have the lite in the centre. I wanted to move the centre lite up as shown in the photo. Is that possible with this version of the program? Rgds, Simmi