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Good morning, In the attached plan I am attempting to replicate a carport. Should be a simple process from what I've found online... It is anything but.


I did have pillars built in, and the terrain curbs are supposed to extend under/inside of the carport. But I removed those from the equation as well and I am still having issues with the 3D render.


The online guide says it is as simple as using room dividers to create a slab and set the floor height to -11"... Several problems occur, and I assume some are just a biproduct of the program I will have to deal with.


1) Primarily: Lowering the floor height does not make a nice render like the guide shows... it lowers a portion of the floor, but there is still a large piece you can see floating at the normal height.

2) Room Dividers turn into normal invisible walls very easily... This is very frustrating because I can't create a room "Open Below" without the lower part of a wall showing, and other times the lower part of the wall displays even though the walls are supposed to be invisible.

3) I also want to increase the ceiling height. Every time I do this problem 2 occurs.

4) There was even a point I could not modify the floor height (the setting would not save and kept returning to default) This was resolved by toggling the default on and off again.


Thanks for any advice you can provide.


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My advice is lots of study followed by practice with what you just finished studying. A little time spent this way, each day will increase your competence. If you do not do this as a matter of self-discipline, you will never fully learn the software and its tools.




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In addition to the video, the floor finish (K) is not the floor, click the default for the floor finish.


On the left wall, use the break wall tool on the main wall, slide it back and delete the small room divider wall, then

slide the main back.

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