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  1. Je_Roy

    Carport Troubles

    Thank you so much! I was modifying the floor finish height instead of the absolute height. Such a simple thing caused so much anguish.
  2. Je_Roy

    Carport Troubles

    Good morning, In the attached plan I am attempting to replicate a carport. Should be a simple process from what I've found online... It is anything but. I did have pillars built in, and the terrain curbs are supposed to extend under/inside of the carport. But I removed those from the equation as well and I am still having issues with the 3D render. The online guide says it is as simple as using room dividers to create a slab and set the floor height to -11"... Several problems occur, and I assume some are just a biproduct of the program I will have to deal with.
  3. Thank you! I am planning to upgrade and Pro seems most worthwhile for the cost. Anything with varying angles or depths is far too annoying in Architectural
  4. That is what I feared haha thank you! Can you explain how this would be easier in Cheif Architect?
  5. I am using HD-Arch 2016. Angling the top edge of a window is very easy with the 'match roof' shape option. But the bottom edge remains flat in line with the floor. As you can see in the attached elevation view, I have an angled wall section that overlooks a roof plane that the cursor is on. I have created a window on this wall, but it is not taking on the desired shape. How can I modify this window so that the bottom edge is also angled? TYIA
  6. Je_Roy

    Roof Plan

    ah, sorry my question wasn't clear. But it looks like you answered it by stating how to complete the operation in Pro.
  7. Je_Roy

    Roof Plan

    Is there a suitable alternative for HD Pro? I am debating upgrading from HD Architectural and the biggest reason I want to upgrade is improved roof design capability.
  8. I am using HD-Arch 2016, and want to create a railing on top of a retaining wall that is angled. I can achieve a railing level with the floor as shown, that builds into the retaining wall. I tried building the railing with a staircase instead and encountered two problems: I couldn't find an option to make the staircase (excluding desired railing) invisible, and I couldn't create the staircase all the way to the edge of the deck without it starting at the terrain level instead of the deck level (so there was an undesired gap in the railing). TYIA
  9. Thank you @Jo_Ann! That worked for me, the roof is still floating a little bit above my newels, but it looks far better!
  10. I am really shocked this has caused me so much frustration. I've perused the knowledgebase and now the forums and can't find any discussion on this topic. I am using HD 2016 Architectural, and have tried adjusting various ceiling specifications to try to understand what changes they produce as well. See the attached image. It is very obvious that the ceiling inside the room (defined as a porch) is floating significantly lower than the roof, yet the overhang portion appears to display correctly. I have obviously turned off "ceiling over this room" as I want the aesthetic look of an