Columns on Deck - But Keep the Room Definitions


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So this has to be easier than I'm trying to make it. As you can see from the image, I have a deck attached to the house, which has ceiling to bottom of roof framing.  The "walls" of the Deck (a room on the plan) are "railings".  I need to have a simple square column in each outside corner and another in the center up to the ridge beam.


What I've learned:

1. If I delete the "railing", which are actually the walls defining the Deck, the entire room, along with the roof, goes away.

2. I tried to put in a doorway and then fill in a soffit piece made as the column. This worked at the wall end of the railing (I thought I found the solution, albeit a tedious one) but when I tried to add the door way at the outside railing, I discovered it won't work to the edge of the room. Nor can you shorten the wall from the deck edge.

3. Just when I thought I was sailing along fairly well & getting the hang of this program, something else pops up making me feel really dumb.


The plan file is one I uploaded a couple days ago so the beams shown in the image file are not on there; however, the Deck definitions are still the same.


Seven Cedars - Stripped for Upload.plan

Back Deck.jpg

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Thanks David - incredible help & effort on your part to make the video.


Good not to me on being more detailed.  Yes, I would like the upper wall open all the way to the peak but I think you have me armed with new skills to (hopefully) make that happen.


I'll post an end result shot once I make the changes.

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If you want the rake wall gone, you simply open the room specification dialog for the front porch and on the structure tab, uncheck "Flat Ceiling over this room", if for any reason the rake wall stays, you go up to the attic level (<A>) and make it invisible. Every problem within this software is solved via settings, defaults, preferences, input boxes and so forth. It does take time and intention to locate and understand them all but it is worth doing.



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Well David - it took a little fine tuning but, in the end, just what we were looking for.


I know I indicated that we wanted the upper wall open, but after thinking that through, we decided that it wasn't going to be as user friendly as we thought.


Again, many thanks!

Back Deck - Fixed.jpg

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