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Not to be "snarky", but when I post a question it's because I have searched the HELP, I gone to You Tube, I've tried various tricks to no solution that I can use.


I'm looking for specific answers - I DID open Help and I DID a search for Fill Style - thru the entire Home Designer Pro Help, Before coming to the forum.


As a former user of Chief Architect I had version 9.5 on my last computer.  I didn't upgrade because I was quite happy with that version.  I knew it inside and out.  When my previous computer suffered a system failure during a storm I lost that software.  I still have my disks and my dongle but the new computer won't acknowledge the hardware dongle lock.  The Home Designer Pro is a good substitute for the Chief Architect.  It does most of what I want.  Some small things are troublesome but that's ok. Spending $49 a month compared to $199 a month isn't going to happen.  The only reason I'm using the software is to give clients a nice 3D rendering for their project.  The alternative is to use Sketch-Up that costs $695 for the Pro version and Free for the generic version.  It's easy to use, very low learning curve, very powerful presentation renderings and can do full CD's.


The reason I come to the Forum is to find out what other users do before I waste hours looking for a solution that doesn't exist.  I don't need "Snarky", I need help.  "Snarky" members can take their attitudes elsewhere.


Thanks Frances, I appreciate the comment.  My response was not meant to be leveled at you but the "snarky" members who might read this.


For those who might reply Don't reply with some "snarky" thought, I don't need it.  I need help, not "snarky". 

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22 hours ago, WILL_in_PGH said:

Is there a way to turn off the "Fill" on an appliance or fixture like a tub or sink or cabinet?


I'll try to do a better job of answering.


tub = no


sink = no


cabinet = yes

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No one (except Chief Inc employees)  is required to answer any questions by anyone here. snarky or otherwise. Most people here answer, however they answer out of a simple sense of helping others. The total essence of being snarky and irresponsible is to then critique or complain about the freely given answers to questions by those who asked those questions.



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You can't imagine how much I appreciate the time someone takes to answer questions.  What I don't appreciate is what "Solver" wrote in 2 of the 3 previous responses.  His last response was spot on.  I don't mind the brief, one word answers.  As long as the answer is more than "Look in Help", I appreciate the effort.


Your comment was, "snarky".  Unappreciated and unwarranted.  I don't need your comment, it does nothing for me or anyone.  Stay on point next time.




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Will_in_pgh, you also should know that SOME of the people on this forum are more inclined to teach instead of help. They prefer to tell you how to find your own answers instead of just telling you how to do something.


And while that may be helpful in a teaching kind of way, some of us who pose questions here are not interested in being taught with snarky remarks like you experienced. 


To Solver and Davidjpotter, I too tried searching help for Fill Style. It got me one item, relating to the fill style tab for polylines. It would take a very experienced user to be able to relate THAT information to the answer that Will was looking for.


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