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  1. FrancesSD

    Gates in fences

    I am using Home Designer 2020. This is on the start up screen. Build: 2: I don't know what this means, but I include it in case it is important. My operating system is Windows 10, I built a fence and I am unable to insert a gate. I have no trouble inserting gates into walls, but no luck with fences. I just can't figure it out. Before anyone tells me to read Help, The User's Guide, or The Reference Manual, I will tell you that I have read every word of all three of them. This has to be operator error. I must be doing or have done something stupid. If anyone knows what it is, please let me know. Thank you FrancesSD
  2. FrancesSD

    Fixture Fill

    Dear Will in PGH, Don't despair, Some (but not all) of the very knowledgeable members can be a tiny bit snarky in their answers, however Eric is correct. As usual.
  3. FrancesSD


    Has anyone had a problem inserting a picket fence gate? Architectural 2018
  4. I did say I had tried everything. Do you really think that would not include reading everything?
  5. The way I do this is to select the define wall box and add copy the foundation wall, rename it and then add a drywall layer to the interior of the foundation wall based on the info from the interior wall definition.
  6. I have downloaded a trial version of HD Pro 2017 to see if it can solve the numerous problems I have encountered with the roofing tool and I must say it is wonderful to be able to get the roofs I want so easily. However, I seem to have done something to mess up dimensioning; when I first started playing around with the program the dimensions worked the same way they always have in the other iterations I have used, but today I have been unable to get the dimensions to work the way I am used to having them work. For instance, if I select a wall I would expect to be see a distance to the opposite wall displayed or select the toilet and be able to check the distance from the toilet to the vanity. Not happening. HD Pro 2017 seems way more powerful than I need (except for the roofing tools), so I would really like to play around with some of its more advanced features to see how they work. But everything I do is based on measurement, it is how I think, so I really need the dimensions to work. I have done everything I can think of and can only conclude that I have checked or unchecked or failed to check something critical. If anyone knows what I've done wrong I would really appreciate your telling me. Automatic dimensions seem to work, but I use that so seldom that I might not notice a fault.
  7. Dear Jo_Ann, This is a wonderful fix; thank you so much. I do think the exterior should show with a perfectly straight wall, but I am well satisfied with this work around. If I had only known. Thank you so very much. I would love to know why this works and why the issue occurs sometimes but not others. I would also like world peace. So, there you go. Sincerely, Frannie
  8. Dear Eric, Thank you very much for replying to my post. Here is a view of the front of the cottage.
  9. Dormer 4.zipDear Fellow Users, I have been using these programs since they were put out by Broderbund and you would think that by now I would have figured out how to build any roof I want, but no, I haven’t. I really liked the facade of “Gable Dormer Cottage”, so I downloaded it. I made many modifications, but not (intentionally) to the front porch. I have tried every trick I know to correct this problem with no luck. I do realize that I have probably made changes to the plan just by experimenting with the walls and roofs. But, please someone, tell me what I am doing wrong.
  10. Try aligning the foundation walls with the first floor.