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  1. Have rebuilt it and ticked auto rebuild. Thanks a lot David
  2. Will try rebuilding it. Thanks for the links. Have been looking through videos etc, but had not seen youtube site and also have not watched tutorial sites. Have updated my signature am using HD Suite 2017 on pc
  3. Thanks David, Is there a button that will align the basement under the first floor? I am a 1 storey house on a monoslab. I cant remember where I programmed the monslab, but I am assuming there is a button that says align under 1st floor somewhere>
  4. Thanks David, I found the angle snap button. However by boundary is parallel and perpendicular to my building. I am not sure if the perimeter automatically got created when I started the plan or after I draw the house and then clicked create terrain perimeter. So would I delete terrain perimeter and start that again with angle snaps off. And so when I recreate it it draws it with the dimensions marked. Thanks
  5. Thanks David, So can the terrain all be picked up together and moved while the house stays still?
  6. Hello, I am using HD Suite. I have drawn a lot of my floor plan first. I am now around that putting in my terrain perimeter and will create some contours as the block slopes in many directions. Q. Can I pick up my house and move it independently around the block? Thanks everyone.
  7. Hi Everyone, I am using HD Suite. I seem to have lost the ability to see just the framing in the roof. I either get dolls house or a roof on top of the roof framing. Does anyone know how to make it show. I think I may have accidently deleted somethng. Thank you.
  8. Hi Everyone, In my plan when I go to 3 d I can see I have additional roofing coming up from the ground in a few corners. However it doesnt seem to show up on the plan at all. Does anyone know what I might have done wrong. Thanks
  9. Hi Everyone, Im using Home Designer Suite. I cant seem to work out how to get the dimension figure to show in the middle of the plan for the dimensions of my terrain perimeter. If anyone knows that would be great thanks.
  10. I'm new to chief architect. I have just purchase Home Designer Suite. I have drawn my basic floor plan, but there are no materials, in the library. How do I add to the library. If I download something will it go into the program library. Thank you.