Creating a gable with two different pitches


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So we are changing up the roof on this house


the two seperate front tables are becoming one BUT they becoming one lopsided gable. 


One side idle of the gable will have a pitch of 9.5 while the other side has a pitch of one. 


Ive attached a current picture of the house with the new roofline drawn in black marker. 


Ive also attached pictures of the roof plan that ive been able to create so far


Ive been able to create the pitches I want but not where I want's drawn back from the front of the house rather than directly at the front (which would create an uneven triagular shape in the front siding) 


any suggestions on son how to create this would be great- thanks!





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Hi! Thanks for this- I think I just wasn't clear- I've attached a picture drawing of what I'm trying to create. 

The entire left side front of the house would be one gable- the right side of the triangle would have a pitch of 9.5, the left side a pitch of 1- I can't figure out any way to specify or create this within the program...

hopefully the drawing helps! 



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No, you were clear. Just can't understand why you want to do this.


Will the low slope extend across the entire left side of the house? If yes, make the front wall Full Gable, and chenge the pitch in the left side wall dialog to 1.

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