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  1. although the house and garage look attached they aren't. I cant figure out how to make them share a common wall without messing up the roof plane thanks so much for all the help!
  2. I am going for the style pictured only the shed and house would be attached thanks shed example.plan
  3. I am building a 1 1/2 story house with a shed roof. the house will be 32' wide with a 3/12 pitch. I would like the shortest wall on the second floor to be 2' and the high wall on the second floor to be 10'. when the wall is between 2' and 6' the space with be used as an attic. when the wall is between 6' and 10' their will be a cathedral ceiling and living space. I have zero idea how to create this with a shed roof. is their any way to set specific second story wall heights and automatically generate a roof over it?
  4. I am building a 1 1/2 story house with a shed roof with the high point of the roof facing north. Attached to the house is a garage with a shed roof with the high point of the roof facing the south. the house and the garage share a common wall. I have been unable to make a roof plane, even when eliminating the eves overhang. any help would be awesome thanks!
  5. Hi! Thanks for this- I think I just wasn't clear- I've attached a picture drawing of what I'm trying to create. The entire left side front of the house would be one gable- the right side of the triangle would have a pitch of 9.5, the left side a pitch of 1- I can't figure out any way to specify or create this within the program... hopefully the drawing helps!
  6. Hi! So we are changing up the roof on this house the two seperate front tables are becoming one BUT they becoming one lopsided gable. One side idle of the gable will have a pitch of 9.5 while the other side has a pitch of one. Ive attached a current picture of the house with the new roofline drawn in black marker. Ive also attached pictures of the roof plan that ive been able to create so far Ive been able to create the pitches I want but not where I want's drawn back from the front of the house rather than dire
  7. Thanks for this! So I had done this but the master bedroom still has slightly lopsided wall heights (pictured)it looks like the same may be true with your example (??) The wall connected to the addition is slightly higher (which is not the case in real life) When I click on the wall in 3D it registers at the right height and has some weird other wall filling the space between the actual correctly measured wall and the roof. (Pictured) There is a beam hidden by a soffit in the ceiling on the shared wall that runs the length of the master bath and closet would putting that
  8. Great: THANK YOU it worked!!
  9. Hi! im new to HD pro 2018 for windows on the house we are currently working on there was an existing room (the master bedroom) with a full gable roof and cathedral ceiling. They then added a shed roof addition on the side (the master bath and closet) meaning the slope of the new roof just continues downward from the existing roof. No matter what I try I'm never able to create that first room with the gable directly in the center of the room and walls at both sides to be the same height- I drag the wall height down (the wall towards the addition) but it jus
  10. Hi! i just purchased HD pro this month (2018 version on Windows)as my husband and I are house flippers. We are re-doing the existing roof of this current house so I need to be able to show plans of the existing roof- but I hit a problem (well 2 but I'll create another forum for the other one!) The original house was a one room log cabin and every other room is an add on. The Right side of the house is one long gable running sideways (so roof is slanted toward front and back) but then on the Left end (STILL a side long gable) except they created two "peeks" s