Showing Brickledges in Section view?


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In terms of a purely 2D detail this is rather easy using Pro's 2D CAD tools to add that feature for a cross section or "Wall Typical". It becomes a bit harder to do in terms of 3D as long as one is not too insistent on precise reality of Soldier courses and masonry sills especially in terms of classical slightly slanted brick and stone sills. There are two ways to do this in any Home Designer title: 1. Use manually shaped and located cabinet soffits shaped like soldier courses and straight (not slanted) sills. 2. Using a custom made object in Sketch Up one can emulate a slanted brick sill symbol for importing into Home Designer, assign a brick soldier parsed material to those soffits and or custom symbols. The thing about symbols imported from Sketch Up is ideally they are precisely sized in Sketch Up before importation into Home Designer because to resize them once in HD tends to misshape the object and lose the reality of appearance once imported and located in your plan file.



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