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IMG_4245.thumb.JPG.1a017fc94d45cff7b0a0626fba1bc4e4.JPGI am trying to add landscaping to me current plan.  The backyard was easy because it is very linear.  The front yard I desire a more natural free flowing look.  (I have attached the drawing that I am trying to recreate.) I would like to have four zones one for mulch, then for gravel, then mulch again, and lastly grass.  I create an odd shape for a zone, but then I need to make the zone next to it.  When I go to create that zone I cannot get the lines of the beds to line up/butt up because they are free flowing shapes versus the linear zones of the back yard.  I have tried to use the shape forward or behind option that I use for the interior but it is not an option I find available.  I have also tried to use the "clip overlapping terrain feature" but I am not seeing it work and do not truly understanding what that option is for. Thank you for your assistance!


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14 minutes ago, Ande1314 said:

Mr Solver, I think I corrected my signature...





I don't do much with terrains, and I don't have Architectural to play with, but here is something that may help.


These are Garden Beds, numbered in the order they were drawn.




Same items, except I made #2 thicker (and higher) than #1.



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