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  1. LawB10: I have to say I really love your solution/technique for the family room/dining room wall and stairs. I have never used the pass through window option; it is really a fantastic tool. Again thank you.
  2. Several people suggested that I correct the room type drop down to the correct room type. I am currently working on making that correction. but now I am wondering what importance that holds? I thought, most likely incorrectly, that the room name was just for personal reference. Can someone explain how the room type effects the software? Thank you!
  3. Wow LawB10 you have been busy! I appreciate your assistance and am very impressed!! The house I am working on is a remodel, so the ceiling heights I am putting in are the dimensions of the current house. The only addition being added is the new foyer and porch, and the back grill deck. The ceiling heights I am using are what currently exist in the split level build, but when using those dimensions I am having an awful time getting the exterior to appear as it should. If I utilize ceiling heights that make the exterior appear correctly then the interior does not look correct. I am thinking perhaps I should utilize your ceiling heights and use soffits on the ceilings for the floor with the Laundry, 3/4 Bath, Office and Family Room. What is your thought on that idea?
  4. Sometimes, online, people do not realize that others may have feelings because they do not remember posts are from other humans. Taking a few minutes to use polite words versus sarcasm can go a very long way in making the world a better place for everyone.
  5. Were you looking at the file as well? I did not realized that all items needed to be removed. I was just trying to reduce the file for posting purposes...per the instructions of "Solver"
  6. I have saved a slimmed down version to use for assistance.
  7. I zipped my closed file and it is 30 MB. what can I do?
  8. I have been working on my dutch gable roof. There is a random gutter line that will not disappear and another line that shoots upwards. I have gone down by 100th's of an inch on the dutch gable ceiling height to try to fix it, but alas it is still there.
  9. but how do you get the foyer to gable? I have made all of the walls full gable, I think...
  10. yes, but I want the two foyer and portico roofs to connect...
  11. For Some reason my foyer roof gets messed up. The Porch has a covered Gable roof which is supposed to happen in the Foyer and Stairs leading into the Great Room. Alas, it is not cooperating...I cannot get the right combination...Roofs are very hard work...
  12. Thank you both. I used Solver's solution and got the desired effect!
  13. How could I create a Dutch Hip Roof on my drawing? I have seen the instructions for another software version, which I am not running. I fear I do not have the right software to add that part. Any thoughts?
  15. I have added my design as a zip file...
  16. The roof flattens out in the center when I switched it to Full Gable... Also, the peak does not hit below the windows on the second story...
  17. I am redoing and current property. I cannot get the peak of my garage drawing roof to the center where it is supposed to peak?
  18. So I made invisible rooms in the alcoves to the right and left of the bumpout. Then the roof just smoothly went over them!
  19. I have all of the overhangs on the wall with the 5 windows at 48". I am including the two walls that run parallel and the two that are perpendicular...and it still looks the same...
  20. When I tried the previous solution, the unroofed part looks funny...I lose the gutter etc... I have tried also going into the wall specification area, and under roof extending the overhang to 48" on the sides beside the bumpout, but that does nothing...
  21. I have tried that and it does smooth out the roof, but I do not want the T shape. I would like it to be one long line... Any other ideas?
  22. I am working on renovating a current property. I cannot get the roof to draw up correctly in the software. In the photograph the roof over the five windows is a continuation of the roof over the entire wing of the house. In my software I get a separate roof jut out over the five windows. How do I make the roof do what I need it to do?
  23. Thank you David for the suggestion, but I have looked at all of the Landscaping help answers and still not finding quite what I need.