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I used Chief Premier X1 for several years and made many files in it, but our licence was not renewed.  I would like to be able to open/edit a few of my X1 files in HomeDesign Architectural 2018 which I have just purchased.  Back when I was working with Chief Premier, I did not check any box within the Chief files saying "make these files viewable in HomeDesign."  Is there anyone who might be able to open my files in Chief and make them editable in HomeDesign?  (I understand some functionality might be lost; that's okay)

(and is this even the correct forum for this question?  I'm new to the forum, and I see there is a "services requested" section, but thought I'd start my request here.)

thanks for any help/wisdom/advice!

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The plan opens perfectly in X5 (not X1 as you stated), It opens in Architectural 2018 but only in view mode (no printing or editing allowed, sorry). If you still have the installation discs for X5, you can still use them to run X5, the only limitation will be access to later library files that do not come with the installation discs.



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