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  1. hello, using Homedesigner Arch 2018. i imported picture, picture went to CAD default layer. Is there a way to move the picture to a different layer? reason: i have other CAD reference lines that I want to leave showing, yet also be able turn on/off the picture separately from those other CAD lines. I don't see any option to have the picture display on some other layer.
  2. hi jo_ann thanks, i tried your suggestion but i don't think it worked. as far as i can tell, this still leaves the two ridgelines at different heights. and it also changes the pitch of the existing cabin's roof to 19/12, which i don't want. any other ideas? mkeffer
  3. hello, I am trying to draw an addition to an existing home. Existing is simple cabin with full gable roof on north/south ends. The second story of the existing (eastern) portion is very short -- has 2' kneewalls, with open ceiling extending up to the peak of the roof. The addition is at right angle to existing structure, and I want gable roof on it with ridgeline going east/west. I tried to match the height of the second story in the western addition, but the roof ridge of the addition comes out significantly higher than the existing house. I have looked at the dialog boxes for 2nd story rooms and walls and tried to make everything match. Any wisdom on how to make the ridges of both pieces of the roof be at the same altitude? I am using Home Designer Architect 2018, windows 10 computer. thanks in advance; file is attached. mkeffer cabinHD 3-3 20x24.plan
  4. hi, this got resolved by a user in the Chief forum.
  5. Hello, I created these files in Chief Premier X5, but I no longer have that software. Can anyone open these Chief files and click on the setting that will allow me to edit these files in Home Designer Architect 2018? (I think the setting is somewhere in the file menu). This has worked in the past. (I am using windows 10, if that matters). Thanks in advance mkeffer oven tub.plan yurt 24 furniture.plan
  6. hello again solver, can i trouble you to do the same for these files? (previously with other files, you were able to open them in Chief, click whatever box necessary to allow me to edit them in HomeDesigner Arch 2018). Thanks a bunch! mkeffer oven tub.plan yurt 24 furniture.plan cabin_36_east_shed.plan
  7. solver, thanks for your quick reply. could I trouble you to do the same for the attached file? thanks! cabin_45_fill_in_cathedral.plan
  8. thank you solver, that seems to work well! mkeffer
  9. Hi solver, thanks for the quick reply. Now that I think about it, I think it was actually Chief X5. I attached the .plan filecabin 11-X5 as-is.plan cabin 11-X5 as-is.plan
  10. Hello, I used Chief Premier X1 for several years and made many files in it, but our licence was not renewed. I would like to be able to open/edit a few of my X1 files in HomeDesign Architectural 2018 which I have just purchased. Back when I was working with Chief Premier, I did not check any box within the Chief files saying "make these files viewable in HomeDesign." Is there anyone who might be able to open my files in Chief and make them editable in HomeDesign? (I understand some functionality might be lost; that's okay) (and is this even the correct forum for this question? I'm new to the forum, and I see there is a "services requested" section, but thought I'd start my request here.) thanks for any help/wisdom/advice!