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This has been coming up a lot again, so I figured it probably deserves its own Tip post.

You don't set up individual wall heights in Home Designer, because they are controlled by the Ceiling Height of the room.  (It would be a lot more work to set up every individual wall at a particular height, and very easy to miss one.)

There's an article that explains in detail how to control Wall Heights in Home Designer.  Check it out!

KB-02969: Changing Wall Heights

If you found your way to this post, here's some other good articles on the company's website that you may want to look over based on the reasons people have been asking about Wall Height in the Q&A section lately.

KB-00140: Controlling Floor and Ceiling Heights
KB-00317: Creating a Half Height Wall
KB-01845: Modifying Garage Floor and Stem Wall Heights
KB-00221: Understanding Wall Heights in a Doll House View

Pony Walls or split walls are a type of wall where the upper and lower part can be different (like siding or stucco above and brick or stone below).  They are only available in Architectural and Pro, and you can control the upper and lower wall heights.
KB-01956: Creating a Split Material Wall

Knee Walls are a special kind of wall in Home Designer that you'd use in an attic loft.
KB-00358: Automatically Building a One and a Half Story Roof

Not related to Wall Height, but rather Wall Length, but still worth adding in.

KB-00245: Setting Exact Wall Dimension Lengths

If you're still not sure after reviewing all this how to adjust the wall height for your particular plan, post a copy of the plan file and a photo of what you're trying to create in the Q&A section and we'll try to help you out.

Attached I have an image of a simple salt box or offset gable.  Pitch same on both sides, but the roof sits higher than the other.  To create this type of roof, you've got to edit the Ceiling Height in the rooms (even if you're just changing it to get the roof to build right, then you can uncheck Auto Rebuild Roofs and set the ceiling heights of the rooms back lower if you need to for your plan).  More info on roofs in Tip: Roof Help.


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Something I noticed today is when I go into defaults, then to Dormer then type in 10" it comes out auto saves to 120''.


If I just type in 10 {without the " } it goes to ten inches. I'm not sure if that is a quirk or a glitch, but it might save someone a headache. 

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On 25/01/2017 at 7:59 AM, katalyst777 said:

I have tried this instruction/video to no avail;

I cant get the 2nd floor to do as is suggested in the tutorial.

I can change ceiling heights on 1st floor - but when I make the 2nd floor - I cant get to happen as is suggested in this demo.?

Once I create the 2nd floor- all is lost on the 1st floor.

I must be missing the point?

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