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We've been seeing an increase in the number of "how do I create this roof" type posts, so I wanted to create a Tip thread for quick reference.


  • Go through the Roof Tutorial in the User's Guide so that you understand the basics before trying to get your specific roof and know how changing things in the individual walls, as well as room Ceiling Height, is going to affect the way it builds.
  • If you know the specific name of the type of roof you want, try searching the website and forum for that first.  Things like catslide, butterfly, mansard, gambrel, gull wing, barn, loft, porch, dormer, A frame, dutch hip / gable, saltbox, prow, portico, curved, round, bow, etc in combination with the word roof and odds are pretty high that your question has already been answered several times over.
  • Watch the Roof Design webinars.
  • Watch the videos (that apply to your version).
  • Go through the Roof articles.
  • Especially with anything other than Pro, you might have to tweak the design to get the roof to build how you want, then turn off Auto Rebuild Roofs.  This could mean separating out different parts of your building so they aren't connected, raising/lowering ceiling heights until you get close enough.
  • Failing everything else, start a New Thread in the Q&A section and attach a copy of your plan along with a photograph (or several) that shows the type roof you want and an explanation of what you aren't sure how to do.

    It doesn't even have to be your exact roof, just something close.

    (Sometimes the answer might be that you'll need to upgrade to Pro or Premier, but at least you can hopefully avoid some frustration.)

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On 1/3/2017 at 3:59 PM, NeatPie said:

Did you have to manually edit the roof in your image in Pro?

Nope, that Victorian roof is all auto-generated.  The cupolas in the upper left though were from the Library Browser so they are symbols that already had little roofs on them.

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