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  1. I had to do this after upgrading to Windows 10, but my plotter did not have compatible drivers for new Microsoft operating system.
  2. The website does say paid training is only available for Pro and Premier or Interiors X8, but not Architectural or less.
  3. Did you have to manually edit the roof in your image in Pro?
  4. I know I've seen it before but now I can't find it on the website again and this thread only shows the print size limit of Pro. Where are all of the different version page size limits listed?
  5. I understand what you're trying to say but its not a genuine comparison. Microsoft as the operating system when they make changes old software doesn't work okay in my experience. Windows 10 was released 2015 so I wished that Home Designer 2015 might have an update to make it suitable. I have hosed up before trying to make something work that doesn't which is why I am halting to try and asked.
  6. Thank you Kat that is the answer I needed. I had tried a forum search but the '10' in Windows 10 isn't long enough so it searched everything with the term "windows" which brings up lots of stuff not even related to the PC for this program. This is a new computer not one that I upgraded to Windows 10 so I'll keep it on my old Windows 7 box for now for running Home Designer and a couple other programs.