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  1. zippitydodraw

    Tip: Wall Heights

    Excellent illustration of ceiling heights showing how the wall height is controlled for the roof. I have struggled with wrapping my mind around this. Thank you.
  2. zippitydodraw

    Tip: Best 3D Camera View Renderings

    Great info on REFLECTIONS!
  3. David, you have say yourself you did not try, is no harm in not reply if you cannot offer helpful advise. I have tryed and default settings have nothing to do with copy/paste between these file types, the size scale is not kept.
  4. I have tried this previous, it does not work. Sizing is not maintained with copy/paste between metric and imperial file types of the Home Designer.
  5. zippitydodraw

    Can't Open/Save Plans in 2016?

    You probably don't need to worry unless you have a Dell / Alienware machine, as well as a relatively recent (within the past couple of months) update that they did to the Backup and Recovery utility that causes the conflict with the file image icons display. It actually doesn't just affect Home Designer, that's just the first program that I ran in to the problem with.
  6. zippitydodraw

    Bar Scale

    These are a great place to start, thank you Kbird!
  7. zippitydodraw

    Bar Scale

    What would be the best way to create this? Should I see if I can find one and import as a picture, or create from scratch using the CAD tools?
  8. zippitydodraw

    Can't Open/Save Plans in 2016?

    I heard back from support on how to resolve my issue. Just wanted to post this here in case anyone else with a Dell runs in to the same problem. They said: Thank you for providing the requested information. In looking at the data you provided, it looks as though there is a third party application running on your system which is attempting to modify the display of icons in the Windows Explorer dialogs (such as Open Plan, Save As, Export windows, etc) and causing Microsoft to crash the application. It appears that the issue is related specifically to Dell’s "Backup and Recovery" service. If you do not use Dell’s Backup and Recovery service for backing up your files, at your earliest convenience, please consider uninstalling this software. A quick way to uninstall is to select the Windows key on your keyboard to open your Start screen, then start typing in the keywords of PROGRAMS AND FEATURES. You should see search results display in the right side of your screen, and once you see "Programs and Features" click on it to open it. From the list that displays, select "Dell Backup and Recovery" (may also be named "Dell Data Safe" or "Alien Respawn" depending on your system) and then click Uninstall and follow any uninstall instructions. After uninstalling Dell Backup and Recovery, please completely shut down your computer, wait 30 seconds and then reboot. After restarting, relaunch your Home Designer program and attempt to start a New Plan. We have had another customer with the same issue follow the above steps which successfully resolved the issue for them. Please let us know if you continue to encounter the issue after completing these steps. We hope this information has been helpful. Thank you. I'm still a little confused because I don't have a problem in the earlier version, but I use a different service for backing up my files and wasn't even aware that the Dell Backup and Recovery was something on my computer so it didn't hurt anything to try it and now I can save and open old plans.
  9. zippitydodraw

    Can't Open/Save Plans in 2016?

    No resolution yet, but technical support has asked for my software's Message Log, System Information, and a dump file when the error occurs and sent these articles for reference on locating/creating the files. Locating the Message Log Finding Information About your System in Windows Message: Chief Architect has encountered a problem and needs to close. If anyone else runs in to this, please send this stuff in to technical support as well. I really hope they can find a resolution to this soon and the more examples, the better chance they can figure out the problem!
  10. zippitydodraw

    Can't Open/Save Plans in 2016?

    I just upgraded to 2016, and now every time I go to access the Open Plan dialog, or go to Save a new plan, or export an image or walkthrough, I just get a Windows error that the program has encountered a problem and needs to close. I have already submitted a ticket to technical support, but thought while I was waiting for a reply I would try posting here as well to see if anyone has run in to this after upgrading.