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  1. In real life, building this glass faced cabinet into a wall is not a big deal. How is it done in HD 2018? The wall is 18" thick will have Glass doors on each side. It will have glass shelves and be lit with led's inside.
  2. BBCfan

    Dormer Questions

    Thank you very much.
  3. BBCfan

    Dormer Questions

    How is this done? I may have screwed it up, as I exploded both dormers already.
  4. BBCfan

    Dormer Questions

    When I get it all looking like it will work, I will do what you say. I have to be sure when I explode them they are going to be symmetrical back to back & tall enough to utilize. In the mean time I assume where the wall height says 60" that is for the 3 walls of the dormer? I'm still learning using the cross section tools, so before I commit to a height, I like to measure it as if I was standing on the floor.
  5. BBCfan

    Dormer Questions

    I am trying to place shed dormers on the plan. I can get two placed over the garage. One on front, one one back. At that point things look good. Then when I go to place a shed dormer on the back wall along the hall way leading to the bath / bedroom area, it caused my first two to go haywire. Basically by the time I add a third dormer anywhere it causes the previous ones to abort / self destruct. I have the knee walls placed and marked, the space behind them marked as attic space. Should I explode the first two once placed?
  6. BBCfan

    Dormer Questions

    I'm having issues, can someone tell me where I am making my mistake? I have spent the last 90 minutes reading and watching dormer creation videos. I'm going to attempt to get it right, but in the mean time, I am open for input. This is a 2018 HD pro file. Try again Home Second Story help2018.plan
  7. I'm having some issues with HD 2018 dormer issues. I'm going to follow up with CA on Monday. I'm confident if there is an issue it will be resolved. I have to keep in mind my limited skills may cause issues. Windows 7 here.
  8. Worked perfectly, thank you!
  9. I'll give it a whirl. I built the second floor from the advice on the help pages,
  10. HD 2018 one minute they are fine next minute this. Just tossing this out there.
  11. I'm wanting to raise the second story wall height. Despite reading, watching videos & such, I'm still at a loss as to how to do it with the second story set up as it is. I realize there are many issues with trim & such sticking out of dormers. I may have to finish this in HD 2018 due to my 2017 version just telling me I need to update the license. Try again Home Second Story help.plan
  12. Something I noticed today is when I go into defaults, then to Dormer then type in 10" it comes out auto saves to 120''. If I just type in 10 {without the " } it goes to ten inches. I'm not sure if that is a quirk or a glitch, but it might save someone a headache.