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I am building a garage add-on to my existing garage. I will be building with a second floor.

One of the second floor gable exterior walls will be sharing the external wall of the old garage.

The new garage is 2x6 and the old is 2x4. I'm going to have a lot of questions but my first 

is how do I merger the two different wall types.



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IMHO plans are graphic communications. No carpenter worth the name is going to make those walls smoothly transition and what I see in your image can only slightly be improved. Your plan file is a communication, not the Ten Commandments, get it as close as you can and then move of. If you want it perfect for camera views then you have to pay in terms of extra time.



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OK, so some fudge factor is needed.


So, I can now ask more technical questions on what I am trying to accomplish.


If you notice the new garage to the left, this will have a second floor gable with the ridge running horizontal.

The current roof, and one I want to keep, a bale roof with the ridge running vertical.


My question is how I do I produce two different roofs, on each room?

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I figured you would have completed the construction and be working in your new shop this winter.


Suggest you read the manual and watch a few videos to get an understanding of roofs. This should auto build, but with Pro, you have the option to do some manual as well.


There are multiple good videos posted on YouTube that go over roofs.


Resources for self help:


The built in Help System (always a good place to start)




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Yes. The ceilings are 10' in the new addition.   2nd floor ceilings are 8' at the north side.  Old garage ceiling is 8'.

Front fascia eave of the new addition matches the eave on the existing garage.


How I got to this point with auto roofs is a nightmare, because the ceiling heights kept changing.

Now that we know what your ceiling heights are and your roof pitch is, we can visually see what look you are trying to get.

Therefore, because you have Pro, I think the easier option for you is to build the roof using the manual roof planes.


DJP or Solver are much more qualified  to assist you with this task.

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ALL wall and room settings are critical for getting the roof to this stage.
All temporary walls generated to guide the roof, can be deleted AFTER 'auto build roof" is turned OFF.
I left the old garage walls as 'siding 6' for fewer complications.
If you want the new addition ridge peak lower in height, change the north wall pitch (2nd floor) to maybe 4".  It won't change the interior ceiling height.


Wrenchmaster garage addition.plan

Wrenchmaster garage 4.JPG

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