Second Story Issues


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I'm using Home Designer Pro 2015


Two Issues:


See attached second floor plan, labeled A, B, and C


I can't highlight spaces A and B as rooms.  A is supposed to be finished space (and will eventually have dormers) and B is supposed to be open to the living room below.


The space denoted as "C" is fine.


Secondly, why did all of my interior walls suddenly turn into siding?  Checked the default dialog and it says they should be drywall.


Plan attached...thanks in advance.

Interior Walls.pdf

Second Floor.pdf

October 11 NEW.plan

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Thanks.  Don't have that exact dialog box ( a later version, maybe?) but just went in and highlighted all of the walls simultaneously and was able to change them.


One final question:


The upstairs cathedral area shares a common wall with the exterior.  Is there any way to make the interior (under the cathedral roof) drywall and the exterior siding?


My choices seem to be one or the other.  If I specify drywall for the room, it turns the exterior siding into drywall, etc. etc.


Pics attached.

1011 siding 2.pdf

1011 siding.pdf

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I imagine it's because it is an interior wall. You need an exterior wall there, and tell the program to use an interior wall below.


Just guessing. Post back if I guessed wrong.


Read up on Lower Wall Type When Split by Butting Roof.

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The wall that separates room A from B needs to be a interior wall, use the breakwall tool.


You're Gable overhang is set to 3 you may want to increase that.


I turned on Auto rebuild roof, everything that was Gabled became ungabled, which means it was built wrong.


You turn auto rebuild off when the roof is how you want it. Check your ceiling heights,

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