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I'm a very new user to this program; I'm using Home designer suite 2016.

I have a counter that goes around a corner (through a doorway), is there a way to create this either using a custom counter or shelves?

I have a couple of problems,

1. counter and shelves won't go through the door

2. shelves are not rounded like the counters


any help would be appreciated, or if you have another idea of how to accomplish this...


existing-Full Camera Image.pdf

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Not sure what you are trying to do -- a picture of the actual room you are trying to model would help.


This is a cabinet in a doorway. I made the cabinet 1/16" tall.


Done with Suite.

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Here is what I came up with....


Resize the cabinet so that it goes thru the wall.


Make the cabinet height 0" and the floor to bottom 36" if you don't want the cabinet.


If the Doorway is on a vertical wall, then the cabinet face has to be vertical.


If the Doorway is on a horizontal wall then the cabinet face has to be horizontal.


I don't why , but a soffit and a shelf won't go thru a wall, but a box shape will.



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Rotate the FACE of the countertop, then control / drag it up against the back of the cabinet!  Easy peezy DONE!  

Suite doesn't have custom countertops, the countertop comes with the cabinet so there's no need to drag it to the cabinet.

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