Stairs : Wall-mounted hand rail, and wainscoting/panelling


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Hello all.
I'm a new user (not professional...just for fun) and need some guidance.
We have a straight staircase surrounded on both sides by walls. There is a handrail attached to the left wall. I'd like to add wainscoting/panelling on both sides, which will follow the slope of the stairs. Might also want to play around with shortening the wall length a bit to expose some of staircase and add decorative rails. It's also possible a deep molding (?) of some sort could take the place of the handrail.
I have Home Designer Architectural, and don't see any way to accomplish these two things in Help, the Training Videos or Forums.
Home Designer Architectural 2017
Windows 8.1


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Since you are not being very specific, I would use 1" thick upper cabinets as appliques to emulate the wainscot, placing them by the stairs in an elevation camera. You would be limited to the current selection of cabinet fronts to apply that is what came to mind.




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Thanks for your reply, David. Yes, I figured out how to do as you suggested, but that's not exactly the look I'm hoping to achieve. I'd like the panelling to follow the slope or angle of the stairs.

Attached is a file showing two staircases with panelling/wainscoting. Each follows the slope/angle of the staircase. One has a separate handrail and the other has the rail as an "integral" park of the panels. Either would work for me.


Specs for our (rather steep and narrow) staircase:
  Length - 2800 mm
  Width  - 850 mm
  Tread Depth - 215 mm
  Treads - 13
  Riser Height - 198 mm


Can it be (easily) done in Home Designer Architectural?

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No file attached.

You could use a wedge shape (from the library), carefully sized, then made thin and placed up against the wall.  No molding can be added, but a beadboard material could be applied.

If the stairs are open underneath, a regular wedge and an inverted wedge could be used together (one above/below the other), to simulate an angled wall.

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Great idea, Jo-Ann, and thank you. I fiddled with it a while, and then determined that it's a heck of a lot of work for a look I'm not sure I even want. One would think the program would include that capability, since it's pretty common feature in many homes. It was, sad to say, actually much easier to take a photo of our staircase and use Photoshop to add the effect.

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Have you tried this???



Uncheck the rails for each side, Draw 2 half walls, one for each side  place the half walls under the stairs, it will follow the stair.


Next click on each wall and click rails, uncheck balusters then click newels/balusters and check panels. Click library to change the panel.



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