batt insulation in wall cavities


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I'm brand new to Chief Architect as I can't figure out how to insert Batt insulation within stud cavities when creating my wall types.

Hoping this is possible as I consider this as basics for plans. Some guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in andvance

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If you are using Chief Architect, the correct forum is ChiefTalk.


If you have one of the Home Designer titles, you have found the correct place.


Filling out your signature is a good place to start in either forum.


To answer your question, insulation is shown in a detail, and not included in a wall definition.




It helps if we know what title (Suite, Pro etc) and version (2014, 2015 etc) you are using. You can add this info to your signature by clicking on your user name at the top right of the page, click My Settings, then Signature on the left. 



Resources for self help:
The built in Help System (always a good place to start)
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Thank you

I'll look into creating my signature. For the record, my version is Home designer Pro 2017.

My experience with drafting software is limited to AutoCAD, as I'm now starting to explore other venues.

Home Designer seems to have it's advantages, such as offering visual supports. I'll give myself a chance to learn the software, however I fear that it has it's limitations for a detailing point a view.


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Keep in mind that Pro is the best "consumer" product, Chief Premier is far more capable and a much better comparison to AutoCAD.


Premier has an Auto Detail tool, for example, used on a section, it will add fills (user definable) with one click.


Also, AutoCAD started as a 2D program, and has better CAD tools than any Chief Architect product, but the ability to quickly create a 3D model is where Chief, and Home Designer products lead.


You will want to think less about how AutoCAD works, and focus on the Chief way. 



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I do not know of any way to do this other than using 2D CAD tools (2D CAD-Box tools- insulation) to manually draw insulation into 2D cross section views. I know this can be done in Chief Premier as well but Chief also has additional tools to add insulation via the wall specification dialog that Pro does not have. I suppose you could, in order to make it "3D" use custom slabs to emulate, visually batt insulation objects (once the custom slab object is created and sized you apply an insulation material to the slab and then place those manually between studs in walls). This will work vertically and horizontally but will be a tedious job indeed to actually do. I think such a job would more easily be done just using dimensions and some math.



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Chief Premier seems amazing, but I have to keep in mind that it's worth 5 times more Home designer Pro.

I'll keep exploring and probably use this as none other than presentation purposes.

Thank you for your comments


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