Blocking (Noggin) size Framing

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I am in Australia and sizing of framing is generaly 90 x 35mm and 90 x 45mm. i have managed to change most but can not figure out how to change the noggin (blocking) size.


I have waided through the framing specifications but can not find this.

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I don't see a way of setting this dimension so it will auto build the blocking at a specific size.


You can, however, edit the blocking in a 3D framing view. Just select the blocking and open it, or just double click it and its specification dialog will open.


Change the thickness to what you need.


You can use the Object Eyedropper to copy the change to all the other blocking without having to open each one and make the change.


I forget, Pro has the Object Eyedropper, but not the additional tool that lets you select which properties to copy. Looks like this may be a manual process.


I'm going to report this as a suggestion to allow the change in the Framing dialog.

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Whatever you set as wall studs will determine the initial dimensions of the blocking. Once the blocking is added it can be edited to any size you wish by way of each framing members dialog box, one at a time. I had never tired to place wall blocking in Home Designer Pro before today, I have done it many times in Chief Premier but its tools are superior to what you have to painstakingly do in Pro. It can be done however you wish but is entirely a manual effort to do.



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