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  1. If Pro has match properties tool you can go in 3D framing overview and click on bridging then click match properties tool and select from the list and it will allow you to change all of it at same time.
  2. Took longer to type how to do it than to actually do it. about two minutes work and accurate for materials. If you needed to do more than one wall such as for a passive house etc. would be longer edit. As you pointed out you can show staggered wall but there has to be two framing layers and it has to be checked in dbx, but not accurate for sizing of plates etc.
  3. If it will only be one wall, then you could just edit the framing. Show the framing layer in your plan view and edit a 2x6 stud to be a 2x4 on one side of the wall then copy and paste in place and move it to opposite side and offset by 8" to centre(if you are using 16" o.c.). You can delete the rest of the 2x6 studs then. Next select one of the 2x4's and multiple copy for both(here you could change to 12" o.c if you wish. Not necessary for soundproof wall). If you rebuild framing or turn auto on you will lose your edits so needs to be done at end. It will give you exact material list as well.