Energy Heel Roof Trusses


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Having trouble figuring out how to incorporate trusses with energy heels.

I have raised the roof plane by 12" and at first glance a framing rendering looks fine with the double top plate at the bottom of the truss.

After rebuilding wall framing though, there is another small wall built from the top of the main wall to the underside of the top chord of the truss.

Looking for any tips to build with energy heel trusses.


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The proper sequence is to first set all relevant default settings.


Then build roofs and check them to make sure your settings are correct.


Manually build trusses.


Check them in an elevation camera to make sure they are as you want.


Then build roof framing, when trusses are in place, the software will build to the trusses.


Manually edit any auto framing where it disagrees with what you intend to do.



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I have followed this sequence and the trusses look fine, as well as the main exterior wall.

The item I can't seem to figure out is why the additional stud wall is added on top of the main exterior wall between the double top plate and the underside of the truss top chord.

This appears when I rebuild wall framing after the trusses are in place.

Is it a result of raising the roof planes to accomodate the energy heel truss?

Perhaps there is a default setting I need to adjust?.....I have looked through the settings and don't see anything that seems to apply.

I am obviously doing something wrong,,,,,,but don't know what.


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Delete all your framing, draw in your trusses. Then build framing.


The program is adding a short wall section to support standard roof framing raised 12", which is not needed with a truss.



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