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  1. lmorris

    Foundation Walls

    That did the trick. Thanks a lot
  2. lmorris

    Foundation Walls

    I can't seem to find anything regarding this in the manual or defaults. Thanks
  3. lmorris

    Foundation Walls

    A typical concrete foundation wall centers the footing on the wall. However when I create a wall with interior finishes including rigid insulation, wood studs and drywall, the footing then centers itself on the overall assembly thickness. Is it possible to ensure that the footing remains centered on the concrete foundation wall in this instance? I have tried using a separate interior wall moved up against the interior side of the foundation wall which seems to work OK except that windows placed in the foundation wall do not punch through the interior partition. Any suggestions? Thanks
  4. lmorris

    Layout Sheets

    I know that Chief Architect allows for layouts to have multiple pages. I have created one sheet which has the Full Perspective as a First page but now want to create drawing sheets for Floor Plans, Elevations etc. How do I create a drawing set consisting of many layout sheets in Home Designer Pro?
  5. Sorry, but I mistakenly voted this post down. Actually it was very helpful and helped me solve my problem. Thanks
  6. Ahh.....it all makes sense now since I had only drawn one truss as a test. Thanks
  7. Design-1.planHere's the Plan file
  8. I have followed this sequence and the trusses look fine, as well as the main exterior wall. The item I can't seem to figure out is why the additional stud wall is added on top of the main exterior wall between the double top plate and the underside of the truss top chord. This appears when I rebuild wall framing after the trusses are in place. Is it a result of raising the roof planes to accomodate the energy heel truss? Perhaps there is a default setting I need to adjust?.....I have looked through the settings and don't see anything that seems to apply. I am obviously doing something wrong,,,,,,but don't know what. Thanks
  9. Having trouble figuring out how to incorporate trusses with energy heels. I have raised the roof plane by 12" and at first glance a framing rendering looks fine with the double top plate at the bottom of the truss. After rebuilding wall framing though, there is another small wall built from the top of the main wall to the underside of the top chord of the truss. Looking for any tips to build with energy heel trusses. Thanks
  10. I understand the single or double top plate but as per attached "Wall Framing-1" after installing a truss the wall looked fine but rebuilding wall framing after the truss caused an extension to the wall framing as per "Wall Framing-2". Trying to add trusses with energy heels without affecting the wall framing but can't seem to figure it out. Thanks Wall Framing-1.pdf Wall Framing-2.pdf
  11. I recently made adjustments to my defaults so trusses would be built with a 12" energy heel. Seems to have worked well except the wall framing now has a double top plate at the bottom of the trusses as well as another double top plate 12" above that as if another small wall was built on top of the main wall. Haven't yet figured out why or how to fix things so that my typical wall stops at the bottom of the truss. Any suggestions? Thanks
  12. Wondering how to build a gable wall with a different finish than the wall below
  13. I would like to dimension the mulled units to their combined centre in plan but that doesn't seem possible. Also, dimensioning the frame or rough opening also dimensions the mullion between the two units unless it is reduced to 1". The individual windows does not bother me as much as the dimensioning issues. Would be nice to be able to set the Auto exterior dimension to centre of openings and have the mulled unit located with one centre dimension. Any advise?
  14. lmorris

    Mulled Windows

    Is it possible in Home Designer Pro to mull window units together as a single unit?