The program is already running. Running two or more simultaneous sessions is not recommended.


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I've already written in to the company's technical support, but I thought it was worth posting here too while I wait for a reply.

Has anyone gotten this error before and know how to fix it?  My software isn't running as near as I can tell, but it won't launch.

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Guess I shouldn't have been anticipating a long wait from technical support, since I heard back and their instructions resolved the problem.

  • Save your work, exit out of any programs that are running
  • Shut down the computer completely, then reboot
  • RIGHT-click on the program's desktop icon and choose Run As Administrator
  • If prompted to associate plan files, click Yes
  • Once the software is open, close it and try opening it normally to see if you still receive the same warning

These steps are in the article too, but I just hadn't made it that far yet.  Anyway, seems to be working fine now, so maybe this can help someone else down the line!

Thanks all!

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