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  1. hummin

    Flared walkway

    This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!
  2. I ran in to this just this morning. Thanks for saving me a call to tech support!
  3. hummin

    Fix a wall length

    Coming from a CAD background, I was confused by how this software works with regards to inputting walls as well at first, but it works if you can set aside your preconceptions of how you think it should function and don't fight the design. This online resource is one that explains how.
  4. hummin

    Help: Roof

    Thank you for your help. This is what happens.
  5. hummin

    Help: Roof

    Thank you but I can't seem to get the porch roof to not connect to the main roof. Any other ideas?
  6. hummin

    Help: Roof

    I need to create something similar to this and not really sure where to start?