Angles soffits for under gable trim


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I need to get a second layer of rake trim below the existing one. It will be the 8" which automatically forms when you build the roof & trim. I need a secondary set of trim beneath that in a 6" for a total of 14" rake trim. .I hope that explains it better?

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Place a soffit under the roof soffit -- not close, just in the area.


Take an elevation view.


Open the soffit and check Sloped Soffit.


You will likely need to rotate it in plan view to get the slope going in the correct direction.


Back in elevation, resize it -- no need to be exact yet.


Now open it and check Place Under Roof.


Back in elevation, it should now match the slope of the roof, and you can resize it to its final dimensions.


Copy it, reflect about the center of the gable to get the other side.


Copy both, paste to the other gable. Adjust as needed.


Sample plan attached.



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