Gable not at end of roof?

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Just started working with home design interiors to create a plan/model of an existing house - so we can work out some options for a new bathroom in the attic space.

I am having trouble recreating the existing roof.

The house has a two-pitch gullwing roof. 45 degrees top-pitch and 22 degrees below. The roof sits on the single lower storey so the space above is designed as an 'attic' - with the roof pitches defined by the ground floor walls. Both short end walls are defined as gables and - yep I have a gull-wing roof. So far so good.

The problem is that at one of the end of the house the gable is NOT at the end of the building. Its 1/3rd of the way back down the space so it forms a gable triangle for the roof and the lower pitch starts from the bottom of the gable to the external wall.

I cant work out any way to create this in the program. Having the Interiors version I have limited control over roof planes - basically have to get the wall definations right and then let the program built it.

Can't work out anyway to have a gable 'floating' some way along a roof?

Any ideas?

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Yep that's it -  a Dutch Gable Roof. Now at least I know what its called. I looked at the KB referenced above which confirms that's exactly what I am trying to build....but I only have the Interior Design version of the software - which doesnt have the ability to edit roof planes like in the tutorial as far as I can see?

Is there any way to achieve a Dutch Gable Roof with the Interior version? (ie based on the wall definitions only). Thanks.

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Have a look at the KB Article on Custom Cupolas , the same technique of using a BLANK 2nd floor ( set ceiling height to 0" when building) may get you there with a bunch of messing round with room heights and wall placement.


There is also a Thread on (Continued) Cupolas a few pages back we discussed several months ago.



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You CAN build the dutch gable roof with ordinary wall and room definitions, as well as a gull wing roof.   However, doing both together on the same roof may not be possible.  As said in other posts, you need to post a good picture of the existing roof.


Kbird: custom cupolas?   Huh???

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The technique used for custom cupolas ....not really a using a BLANK 2nd floor, same as you are suggesting , which allows you to do more in a lot of circumstances than you can do, in the Attic level (which HD and Chief restricts)  eg getting a room definition and thus control the ceiling height which is needed for doing it this way.


Gullwing will also work using this technique .....  though I haven't seen the real world situation , it does work as can be seen with a 3/12- 6/12 and the "cupola" making the Dutch Gable. 


probably missed something in my instructions in the 3rd pic , so ask me if it ain't working for you.  It takes a bunch of fiddling with ceiling heights etc to make it look right , so I'm glad I have Pro for when I need to do this for real :)  then again maybe I did it the hard way? but aren't sure how much control Interiors has on Roof tools? everything here is done with Auto Roofs though.







Cupola KB Article

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