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    Gable not at end of roof?

    Hmm just checked again and the logo at the top of KB article says it should apply to the Interiors version of the software. Question is - how?
  2. scubaal

    Gable not at end of roof?

    Yep that's it - a Dutch Gable Roof. Now at least I know what its called. I looked at the KB referenced above which confirms that's exactly what I am trying to build....but I only have the Interior Design version of the software - which doesnt have the ability to edit roof planes like in the tutorial as far as I can see? Is there any way to achieve a Dutch Gable Roof with the Interior version? (ie based on the wall definitions only). Thanks.
  3. scubaal

    Gable not at end of roof?

    Just started working with home design interiors to create a plan/model of an existing house - so we can work out some options for a new bathroom in the attic space. I am having trouble recreating the existing roof. The house has a two-pitch gullwing roof. 45 degrees top-pitch and 22 degrees below. The roof sits on the single lower storey so the space above is designed as an 'attic' - with the roof pitches defined by the ground floor walls. Both short end walls are defined as gables and - yep I have a gull-wing roof. So far so good. The problem is that at one of the end of the house the gable is NOT at the end of the building. Its 1/3rd of the way back down the space so it forms a gable triangle for the roof and the lower pitch starts from the bottom of the gable to the external wall. I cant work out any way to create this in the program. Having the Interiors version I have limited control over roof planes - basically have to get the wall definations right and then let the program built it. Can't work out anyway to have a gable 'floating' some way along a roof? Any ideas?