Higher Sloped Soffits lose Slope when saved and reopened


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Difficulty with Sloped Soffits at different elevations

I am designing a privacy screen 6 feet high for a friend using vertical posts and sloped soffits between the posts. I am making the boards (soffits) 4" wide, 1" thick and 36" long.
I can make the sloped soffits that when constructed look fine and reproduce OK in rendering until i save the file and the reopen it. After reopening the file, the soffits, that is those above 60" or so, revert to flat soffits though they are otherwise in the right position vertically and horizontally. If I open a camera or elevation view I can click each one and reset the parameters that slope them and they again look fine until i re-save and reopen. I put a room around them instead of placing the assembly along the deck but it made no difference.
The four  lower ones in the JPEGs retain their parameters, those above the brown one at 60" lose the sloped soffit check box when the file reopens. I saved a camera angle in the plan so the same view is available. It doesn't seem to make any difference how I create the higher elevation soffits, copy, paste, or original. Maybe there is another setting in the defaults that is messed up but I am using a default plan as a starting point.
Any one? I had a similar experience some time back but ignored it thinking I'd done something else wrong. Now I can consistently get this to happen in the smallest file. 
The JPGs I attached show before and after the saving, closing and reopening. This plan is just a test plan to sort out the quirk. I recall once before having to uninstall and reinstall the program (HD Pro10) but want to avoid this since it is way past the support date. All other program features seem fine.
Many thanks. 
Windows 7 always updated , ATI Radeon 3800, Intel LGA775 in ASUS MB, 6 GB Ram, 256GB SSD.




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I have had a response from CA that they verified the bug in my HD Pro10 plan.

I also found in my testing that if the sloped soffit is placed at a higher elevation, boards have to be wider yet to retain their slope.  That is to say, an 8" 45º sloped soffit will flatten on reopening if it has an elevation of say, 180" front and 188" back. Also a narrow slanted board (soffit) of say 3 inches will flatten if created at an elevation above 33" or so. I'll leave it at that. Another user might find this thread and realize it IS a bug in older versions. CA has not said if it exists in versions later than 10 but I am the first to report it, ever.

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Best to start a new thread (Topic) with your question and say exactly what you are wanting to accomplish.


Click the 3 dots to the right of your comment to delete.


Attach images of what you are trying to model if available, and a plan file that demonstrates the problem. 

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