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  1. There are a few functions in Home Designer Pro 2018 that I would like to bring up with a programmable keyboard, - specifically the grid, snap increment and dimensioning variables, etc. Some of the gaming keyboards have fully programmable keys that could make those easy shortcuts. Before I invest in a great $100 one, will they work. Anyone use one to recommend? Newegg has a special coming on a Gskill gamer that looks useful. Thanks.
  2. Thanks Eric. I can dig it. The topic discussion brings some 'focus'. I am taxing the video card - its 8 years old and great at the time, but I am using a 32" UHD monitor Samsung 32" WQHD LED Monitor (S32D850T). no doubt it contributes to the issue. Anyway I fixed the menu choice for clip surfaces as suggested to 200" and looks great! I am satisfied so I'l mark it solved. Picture attached. Fastest solution I've ever found and my forum experience alone convinces me I need to upgrade to Pro 2018.
  3. Using HD Pro10 and have dozens of designs but this problem is frustrating. The shingles are nearly transparent (right frame) and depending on the perspective view I can see the outlines of the OSB sheeting, Only shows in perspective view. Left frame is a raised 'full camera' and looks fine. Oh, I know I have a few broken walls under the roof line that are a result of room configurations that was adjusted when the 30 year old house was custom built. Perhaps that 'blows up' the perspective regeneration. Maybe I remember that. But I am not building the house just making a set of drawings for a r
  4. I have had a response from CA that they verified the bug in my HD Pro10 plan. I also found in my testing that if the sloped soffit is placed at a higher elevation, boards have to be wider yet to retain their slope. That is to say, an 8" 45º sloped soffit will flatten on reopening if it has an elevation of say, 180" front and 188" back. Also a narrow slanted board (soffit) of say 3 inches will flatten if created at an elevation above 33" or so. I'll leave it at that. Another user might find this thread and realize it IS a bug in older versions. CA has not said if it exists in versions later t
  5. Hello, David, That is awesome. I was hoping someone would confirm. Very much obliged. Happy Holiday,
  6. Difficulty with Sloped Soffits at different elevations I am designing a privacy screen 6 feet high for a friend using vertical posts and sloped soffits between the posts. I am making the boards (soffits) 4" wide, 1" thick and 36" long. I can make the sloped soffits that when constructed look fine and reproduce OK in rendering until i save the file and the reopen it. After reopening the file, the soffits, that is those above 60" or so, revert to flat soffits though they are otherwise in the right position vertically and horizontally. If I open a camera or elevation view I can click each on
  7. Some Sloped Soffits don't retain slope - Check box is turned foff.

  8. I'll close my issue by saying that i talked to Kelly at CA tech support. He advised thar "attic wall" attribute can be checked off in the pop-up dialogue box which might help. I'll try it but regenerating a roof may switch it back. HD 2015 still has automatic attic wall generation. Rendering with shadows is interesting. There isn't a method for making equal sided hex walls although I succeeded earlier today in making a 6' hexagon in SIP with all sides ± 1/16 th, but resorted to 1/4" snap. good enough for now. No SIP roofs. Kelly at CA suggested that all of my issues are accommodated i
  9. Hi Kbird. The Cupola is to be erected by the home owner and the SIP wall assembly with roof attached is to be lifted by crane into position after the sub floor and needed floor joists are in place. The owner expects to notch the pre-assembled cupola around the 28" diameter ridge pole so that's already understood. the cupola floor will be separated (elevated) from the second floor ceilings by about four or five feet and that where the issues arise, i conceed. A ladder from a nearby ceiling pushed through a floor hatch is the method for access. I may be doing the best job possible with
  10. This kinda on topic so forgive me if I expose too much of my naivete. I thought I posted this a few days ago but I can't find it. I have HDPro10 and used it successfully to design and implement a major remodel of a spec house. I have also over the past 3-4 years or so designed several models of walkout basement homes and made good use of the miriad features in HD Pro10. Recently a contractor friend asked me to undertake a design to add a cupola to his two-story log home. I have found (and not just recently) that certain automatic functions of Pro10 are both frustrating and time-consumin