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  1. SwedishCowboy

    Home Designer Pro 2015

    Apparently lines will snap to close coordinates if "Snap" is enabled when they are drawn. If you enable "Snap" after being drawn, nothing is done unless you change a line. That is my understanding. I now have a polyline object based upon it. Thanks for the help!
  2. SwedishCowboy

    Home Designer Pro 2015

    Thanks for helping me remove part of my blinders. I now see the enable / disable functions a little better. Since nothing is done when I "Snap" the lines, I guess I am just enabling them to be snapped and need to change them in some small way to get the "snap" to happen.
  3. SwedishCowboy

    Home Designer Pro 2015

    I am new to product. After installing, there were no updates to 2015. I am trying to do a plot plan as first task. When I enable Select Objects the cursor does not show selection arrow icon, but instead shows the enable Edit Behaviors / Edit Object Parts icon (looks like it without a checkbox). I seem to be able to select multiple lines (they show an enclosing box), and do a Snap Settings / Object Snaps. However, the lines are separate (not polyline). How do I get a polyline object?