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Dear people


Does anyone know how to have a wall follow a staircase downwards.

I mean from one floor down to the next floor and having the top of the wall connect to the ceiling and the bottom of the wall follows the angle/slope of the stairs.

So the reverse from a wall under  the stairs where it connects to the floor and then the top of the wall follows the stairs.

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I am getting a different interpretation  (than Eric's idea) of what you want.


Because you have Pro, you can do it this way.


Place an interior wall, and slightly embed it into the staircase (this will hide balusters, but leave a handrail).

In a 3d view or elevation view, select the wal and drag the entire bottom up (if needed) to the lowest part of the stringer.

Grab the bottom handle (opposite side) and drag it up diagonally  (to where it needs to be).

Done.  :)


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Stairs will cut a wall, so placing a wall just under the stair will give you a wall where the top follows the underside of the stair.


For a wall that acts as the railing, see the images.

Perhaps i was not clear enough but Jo_Ann got my meening....and solved it. Great and thank you both.

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