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  1. Thank you, but i found that drawing individual steps and then convert lines to slabs did the job. Its just a lot of fiddling. The 'winders' look interesting. I did not know about this trick and will now learn it.
  2. Go Bambi :-) And yes spiral means round. Do you have a proper word for such a stair case? Meanwhile i posted this as a suggestion for future HDP releases. When one looks it up on google images, we can see that it is a rather common way to have stairs in a house. Would seem a nice addition to this already great software.
  3. Thanks Eric. Actually I did it manually with lines converted to slabs. It just seems strange that HDP does not have it as an option. So i thought I might have overlooked it somehow.
  4. Does any one know if one can make a square spiral staircase in Home Designer Pro? I cannot find it. On google images search there are plenty of examples. Here is one:
  5. awakening

    Broken Import

    Yes, that seems like another good option. It used to work fine before, so I guess the programmers will figure it out.
  6. awakening

    Broken Import

    Support answered and solved it. I share their answer below. Hello, I was able to reproduce the issue you described. I found that the issue only presents itself when importing sketchup files with specific types of grouped objects into metric plans. I have passed the pertinent information on to our developers so that they can try to figure out what is going wrong during import. In the meantime, I would recommend using Sketchup’s free version to open any sketchup files you wish to import into metric plans, and then export the sketchup model as a collada file. You can do this in sketchup by selecting File> Export> 3D Model, then make sure that COLLADA is selected to the right of Export type. You can choose where you want to save the exported file, then click Export. Then in Home Designer, you can select File> Import> Import 3D Symbol and select and import the collada file. I tested this and I was able to import the ironing board as a collada file without issue. I hope this information is helpful.
  7. awakening

    Broken Import

    Yes you are right, they are free. The thing is that i used some of the exact same items from 3 d warehouse without problems. This was before the upgrade from last month. Of course C.A/H.D has no control over the 3d warehouse content, but the problem seems to be with import function.
  8. awakening

    Broken Import

    I just sent this to support. Perhaps some of you can try it and report back what the result is. This started happening after the recent Chief Architect Pro update When importing .skp or other compatible files, the result is negative. The model loads but some parts of it are placed outside the model. Think of a chair and some of its legs may be 'meters' away from the rest. Could you try to import this ironing board .skp file from 3d warehouse and see if it is on my side or a bug? I used the same model in a previous design without problems. When i open the previous design the already imported 3D warehouse files still display correctly. I just cannot add them to the new design. PS when importing i tried several versions, but all give the same result.
  9. Perhaps i was not clear enough but Jo_Ann got my meening....and solved it. Great and thank you both.
  10. Dear people Does anyone know how to have a wall follow a staircase downwards. I mean from one floor down to the next floor and having the top of the wall connect to the ceiling and the bottom of the wall follows the angle/slope of the stairs. So the reverse from a wall under the stairs where it connects to the floor and then the top of the wall follows the stairs.
  11. Thnx for helping, but i am using AMD Radeon.
  12. Just figured it out. I added HD.exe to my Bitdefender firewall as a trusted program and now it starts up normaly. This may be good to know for other users.
  13. Thank you David. It's a mystery to me and was wondering if other users had this happen too. one the program is up, it's very responsive
  14. Good day I did send this to support, but would like to know if other users share this experience. Just upgraded to HD pro 2016. I installed it on a SSD drive and am running a windows 8 PC It takes minutes before Home Dessigner appears affter clicking it's icon. In the task manager i can see it has been activated and once it runs it is very responsive. My hardware specs are: AMD FX 836 EightCore procesor 4.00GHz Ram 32.0 GB
  15. Thank you so much. Deleted it, rebeuilt it and its fine now.
  16. Thank you for the response. There are no walls I want to be unaligned.. Every time I reload the file or do something involving walls the warning pops up. Each time I freshly load it, I find at least one wall out of line. I correct it, save it, reload it to check it and another one is out of line. Here is the file if you want to have a look. It's a house boat and deck. Wouldn't it be a great feature if the program would highlight the out-of-line walls?
  17. In my latest project (HD pro, 2015) i keep getting "Warning: Check for walls that are slightly offset from one floor to the next." I checked wall for wall and did find a few spots were a correction was called for. Now i can no longer find such discrepancies but I still get the warning? Any suggestions?
  18. Thank you for the help guys. My floor looks great now :-)
  19. Dear People Home Designer Architectural 2015 (64 bit) I am trying to change the wood planking direction on my floor. So far i can only have the planking covering the width of the room while i would like to have it in the length. I have fiddled with the fill type dialogue box, but to no avail. Does anyoner have a suggestion or is it simply not an option.