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  1. awakening's post in Broken Import was marked as the answer   
    Support answered and solved it.
    I share their answer below.
    I was able to reproduce the issue you described. I found that the issue only presents itself when importing sketchup files with specific types of grouped objects into metric plans. I have passed the pertinent information on to our developers so that they can try to figure out what is going wrong during import.
    In the meantime, I would recommend using Sketchup’s free version to open any sketchup files you wish to import into metric plans, and then export the sketchup model as a collada file. You can do this in sketchup by selecting File> Export> 3D Model, then make sure that COLLADA is selected to the right of Export type. You can choose where you want to save the exported file, then click Export.
    Then in Home Designer, you can select File> Import> Import 3D Symbol and select and import the collada file. I tested this and I was able to import the ironing board as a collada file without issue.
    I hope this information is helpful.
  2. awakening's post in Warning: Check for walls that are slightly offset from one floor to the next. was marked as the answer   
    Thank you so much. Deleted it, rebeuilt it and its fine now.