Using concrete columns and beams


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The software does not do this kind of thing, rather you use its tools to emulate what you wish. Columns can be emulated using soffits (cabinet tools) or custom poly-line slabs. This can easily be done in Home Designer Pro and Chief Architect Premier and to a degree in Home Designer Architectural. Home Designer and Chief Architect are basically 3D modeling programs but also have sufficient 2D CAD tools to create 2D details that can portray most building methods. You learn how to use its tools and then you draw and emulate-annotate what you wish.


There is no "button" to push or dialog to use, rather you just emulate what is required with 3D, 2D CAD tools and Annotations, the trick is merely know what the objects are supposed to look like and you then go about creating that look using custom slabs etc. You do it, not the software per se.



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