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  1. Understood. Thanks for clearing this up. My thoughts were that I wasn't finding the right tools or just wasn't searching hard enough for these types of tools.
  2. Thanks but I think the design on print would not pass blueprint building requirements.
  3. Is this even possible using HD or C.Architect?
  4. How do I create houses that use concrete columns and beams as the structure of the building?
  5. Help!!! I'm trying to enlarge the plan on the layout sheet. I tried different settings but the background seems to be the only thing enlarging and not the actual floor plan itself.
  6. Thanks Mick. The plan or house is actually a existing that I re-drew on HD so that I can generate a floor plan. The client has applied for a loan through a local bank and the bank requires that it provide a floor plan along with a cost estimate for items to repair on the existing house. Unfortunately, the owner does not have the original plans so that is why I had to redraw it. As for the bathroom, its a long story . But to make it short. The house is located near the ocean so the owner probably prefers going 'LOCAL' in the mangroves. Thanks again.
  7. Thanks so much guys and thank you Mick, I got the wall corrected and the roof base line as well. As for the kitchen wall w/ louvers how do I go about raising that so that it flows with the slope of the roof and its not too low?
  8. Please find the attached plan. Gabriel Flalay House Renovation.plan
  9. I have this open space beneath floor that appeared once I had joined all exterior walls. I tried foundation settings but still doesn't seem to cover. Can somebody help me with this?
  10. Thanks guys. Sorry still a newbie to HD.
  11. Hi, I need help with my hip roof with a little modification. I've attached a picture of the hip roof- as you view the picture I've moved the hip roof down from where it was previously. I would like to cover the opening and tried the best I can but just can't seem to get it. My plan for the roof is to have a little extension down on the side of the house but still keeping the hip roof style of the house. This extension on the roof will have another room enclosed underneath (which is not shown because I can't seem to get the roof right. I would like to keep the downward slope extension
  12. I am trying to open the view in 3D but the following below messages seem to always appear. Can anyone show me how to correct this. Thanks. Andrew A graphic file cannot be found. This missing graphic could be used as a texture, image, backdrop, or picture. File name: C:\ProgramData\Home Designer Pro 2016\Referenced Files\ Rock HL01.jpg File name: C:\ProgramData\Home Designer Pro 2014\Referenced Files\ File name: C:\ProgramData\Home Designer Pro 2014\Referenced Files\
  13. Hello Everyone, I just updated my software of Home Designer Pro 2014 to now 2016. I had a house plan that I was working on, on the 2014 Pro, once I transferred the plan to the 2016 Pro and viewed it I've noticed that on the 3D view there appears to be spacing on the sides and above all doors and windows (door & window jamb). How do I fix this? I've attached a picture to get a better idea of what I am talking about. Any help would be appreciated. Andrew ​